How to spice up your relationship

We have 3 advices for you how to spice up your relationship a bit. In case you feel like you are in the same routine, or your relationship goes through crisis, there are always ways, how to at least try. Here are few of them

Unusual date

If you feel like doing things all over again and again, try to change something. Anything. Every time there should be something better, there has to be a change. Do you keep going to the same restaurant for a lunch or dinner? Change it! Go for brunch this time. Or go to the different restaurant. Try the one, where you can´t see anything because there are no lights and then you have to use other senses more intensively rather than sight. Or go for a date to a viewpoint. Prepare picnic. Just try something, what you have not tried yet.


A surprise

How long has it been you haven´t surprised your partner with anything? Just be honest to yourself and change that! Prepare a dinner yourself (even if you are a terrible cook), or just order something and arrange it, so it will look at least like you prepared it yourself. Buy a new lingerie, new sexy pyjama, and wait for your partner at home just like this. There is hundred percent guarantee, that this will shake up with your partner and he/she will remember it!


Unexpected present

Be a cool girlfriend or boyfriend and buy or arrange your partner a trip with their friends without you. Just so he/she can come back home after few days realizing, that he/she missed you. There is also way, how you can help your partner to relax and have a very rare experience. Get you both an erotic massage Prague. You can learn from it and next time make it at home as well, if you are brave enough. But the very first time is good to spend with professionals. You can choose from various kind of massages such as body-to-body massage, couples’ erotic massage, massage for women and some more.

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